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Oh Sharon!

Ever get that feeling that life is out to trip you up?  Sharon Carter knows that feeling only too well.  All she is trying to do is make a living and pay her bills.  She steps out of her comfort zone to attend a talk that her best friend Ronnie has recommended.  it has the most unforeseen outcome and she embarks on a roller coaster journey from Stockport, UK to Sri Lanka with the mysterious Swami, a hypnotic and charismatic man in a purple robe.

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Good Men & Mavericks

After being sued by Swami Sharon takes any work she can to stay on in her friend's house on the Isle of Man.  She works for the new tenant who is running it as a guest house but the woman is very high handed with her.  After one last insult Sharon storms out and heads back to Ronnie's.  On her travels she picks up a marriage proposal, a cheque and a dilemma.  Can she make a good choice this time?

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 House of Sunshine

Sharon's dream trip across the USA in a Winnebago has foundered before it's begun. After spending a few weeks in the Caribbean being sick, she's already stir crazy at being confined to a trailer park. She's fed up, hormonal and cold. A surprise change of venue makes her much happier although it's a bumpy ride at first. With another chauffeur called Mark, a clutch of yellow robed monks and a couple of homeless kids, new characters open up her life and give it new meaning.

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Vikings in a call centre? Explosions? How on earth did Matt's job become so explosive? He thought he had enough problems just coping with his mindless job in a call centre. All he wants to do is make enough money to clear his debts and get into writing game software but Fate, it seems, has other plans for him. He thinks his luck has changed until he gets the troublesome Krystal on his team. Add in an odd assignment and a local thug and the situation becomes explosive.

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Expats of the Caribbean

A silly story of fun among the palm trees, centring on a very mixed group of expats. Based on true experiences and people, names changed to protect the innocent! 

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My Journey Through Breast Cancer 

The story of my experiences, emotions and reactions as I went through treatment.

I wrote this book to help women exactly like me who were newly diagnosed with breast cancer and wondered what to expect as they went through treatment. I couldn't find anything like this when I was diagnosed in 2000. I knew nobody who had had breast cancer, only relatives who had all, without exception, died from some form of cancer. I hope this book helps to dispel some of the fears.

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books on elizabeth raffald


Elizabeth Raffald lived in Manchester at the dawn of the Industrial Age. Her name is unfamiliar to most Mancunians and yet she was a powerhouse of hard work and entrepreneurialism, something for which Manchester has always been renowned. She was a skilled confectionery cook, writer and businesswoman who lived in Manchester from 1763 , when she married at the age of 30, until she died in 1781. In that short time she produced a definitive cookbook and the first trade directory  for Manchester, financed newspapers, wrote a book on midwifery and yet still found time to have a family.


This is an illustrated introduction to Elizabeth's life and works, A short version of the life of an extraordinary and hardworking woman  who achieved a great many things in a short 18 year career in Manchester

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The Experienced English Housekeeper by Elizabeth Raffald

In 1769 Elizabeth Raffald issued the first edition of her must-have cookbook 'The Experienced English Housekeeper'. This was reproduced a further 7 times in her lifetime with a total of nearly 40 editions up to the mid 19th century. It contains many first recipes, including Wedding cake, Macaroni Cheese and even stock cubes. Many of the recipes are still relevant today.

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The Manchester Directories 1772, 1773 & 1781 By Elizabeth Raffald With An Introduction By Suze Appleton

Elizabeth produced the first ever directory for Manchester in 1772, reissued in 1773 and 1781, providing a unique picture of Manchester in the early days of the cotton industry's rapid progress.

By 1781 Elizabeth Raffald had worked hard in Manchester for 18 years and was coming to the end of her strength.  The third Directory was her final production, shortly before she died.

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Introduction To Elizabeth Raffald

When I first discovered Elizabeth I couldn't believe that one woman could have done all the things that were written about her so I was determined to research as much of her life and works as I could find.  In this volume I have gathered together most of the research sources that I found.

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The Complete Elizabeth Raffald

In this volume I have gathered together most of the research sources that I found, plus copies of her books, The Experienced English Housekeeper, and both 1772 & 1773 directories, so that future scholars searching for information on this great woman will have a ready source of information.

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Elizabeth Raffald, An Uncommon Woman

A fictionalised diary of the life of this 18th century businesswoman including life in the town and taking into account some of the events taking place around the world.From being the housekeeper of a stately home who marries the head gardener Elizabeth makes the most of opportunities in a town fast industrialising where fortunes can be made. Her husband joins his family’s horticulture stalls in Manchester’s market-place, while she makes herself indispensable to the new money society in Manchester, a town growing fast on the cotton industry. She is constantly taking on new businesses, hardly stopping to draw breath between pregnancies.

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