The Experienced English Housekeeper by Elizabeth Raffald now available in modern type and as a hyperlinked ebook!

I have retyped the 18th century script into modern type and reproduced the original cookbook in modern paperback and ebook format. It is available on Amazon here or direct from me, price £10 plus p+p

The WoManchester vote closed on 31st December 2015

Thank you if you gave your vote to Elizabeth Raffald for the first female statue since Queen Victoria, currently the only statue of a woman in Manchester, a city of innumerable women achievers. There are many reasons why Elizabeth, a woman of tremendous enterprise, should be honoured. She was amazing, inspiring and determined but in particular I think she deserves a statue for the following reasons:-

1 Her many achievements are examples of the true spirit of Manchester, that of hard work and enterprise.

2 She helped to build the city we are so proud of, contributing her knowledge of social etiquette which oiled the wheels of the new society, contributing to the city's wealth at a time when manufacturing was becoming vital to the area's economic growth

3 She deserves it as an innovator, something for which this city is renowned - many of her recipes were new, giving away the secrets of the skilled confectioner that she was

4 She deserves it on behalf of countless women like her who work hard despite adversity, aspiring to a better life. She lived at a time when married women had no legalrights

5 She is the earliest woman on the list and we should start at the beginning and work our way through the list

6 She was an indefatigable, respected character who was buried ignominiously at Stockport without a mention on the headstone. Manchester should honour her contribution to the city.

A statue is the least we can do.

Elizabeth Raffald is on the shortlist for the first female statue for Manchester since Queen Victoria!

The vote is at 

Please tell as many people as you can to raise her profile and give her a chance to get to the top of this vote.

The survey asks for your name, postcode and a reason why she should be considered for the statue. I feel she deserves it as a woman of hard work and enterprise, with the time to think of others less fortunate than herself, a combination of characteristics that are the true spirit of Manchester people. She is also the earliest nominee on the list and we should start at the beginning.

Elizabeth was an amazing woman who has been forgotten by the majority of people in this area where she did most of her work. She wrote an 800 recipe cookbook, which I have now retyped and made available as an ebook on Amazon. She was also the first person to produce a directory for Manchester and Salford in 1772. She was an author, educator, innovator and benefactor as well as having a family and writing a book on midwifery. It is right that Manchester gives her this honour.  I know there are some worthy names on the list and without meaning to negate their achievements I believe Elizabeth deserves this monument. At least two of the names on the shortlist already have whole houses made into museums to their name, but Elizabeth has been allowed to slip ignominiously into history and I feel it is time to put that right. With your help we can do that.

Many thanks

Suze Appleton

PS if anyone would like to hear my talk about Elizabeth they can contact me on and more information is available on my website

Elizabeth Raffald is now on display in Stockport Heritage Library!

Above is the display in Stockport Heritage library with (L-R) Sophie and Hayley, HLF funded trainees who put together the display, and Andrew Simcock, the Manchester councillor spearheading the campaign for a female statue for Manchester.

Elizabeth Raffald is in Manchester Central library!

Read more about it in my blog

Have you heard of Elizabeth Raffald?


Elizabeth Raffald, 1733-1781, The Experienced English Housekeeper of  Manchester

Elizabeth was an amazing woman who deserves to be remembered by more than just a small plaque on the side of a building.

This small booklet will give a taste of Elizabeth's life and works and is out on Amazon as an ebook or print book here. Her full story will follow later although for more information go to the page about her here.

Also available in print from Lulu or direct from the author. Use the contact form or email direct on

Elizabeth lived at the dawn of the Industrial Age. Her name is unfamiliar to most Mancunians and yet she was a powerhouse of hard work and entrepreneurialism, something for which Manchester has always been renowned. She was a skilled confectionery cook, writer and businesswoman who lived in Manchester from 1763 , when she married at the age of 30, until she died in 1781. In that short time she produced a definitive cookbook and the first trade directory  for Manchester, financed newspapers, wrote a book on midwifery and yet still found time to have a family. More about her here

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My next novel will be a story based on the life of The Experienced English Housekeeper, Elizabeth Raffald, who lived in Manchester in the 18th century. She is such a remarkable character I had to dedicate a whole page of this website to her, (See here). In 18 years in Manchester she achieved such a lot that it is a disgrace her name is mainly forgotten. I hope I can help put that right.

To start the process, I have produced a booklet about her to give some basic information on her tremendous achievements, and a reproduction of her cookbook - the fictionalised biography is still to come...