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My Journey Through Breast Cancer

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 My Journey Through Breast Cancer is the story of my experiences, emotions and reactions as I went through treatment

I wrote this book to help women exactly like me who were newly diagnosed with breast cancer and wondered what to expect as they went through treatment. I couldn't find anything like this when I was diagnosed in 2000. I knew nobody who had had breast cancer, only relatives who had all, without exception, died from some form of cancer. I hope this book helps to dispel some of the fears.

This book is the result of my first attempt at writing a book, and I wrote it while undergoing my treatment, from diagnosis to hormone therapy and it includes excerpts from my diary at the end of the book. My initial fears luckily were not fulfilled and I have gone on to write more books since, although on a lighter note! All my books are available on Amazon Kindle or Smashwords as ebooks, from my local supplier, Baytree Gifts, or direct from me via email.

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All the books are available as ebooks on the Amazon Kindle store for less than £2, also  on Smashwords in various formats. They are also available in print from Lulu.com, direct from the author by email or locally at Baytree Gifts on Heaton Moor Rd, Stockport, at £7.99

Thanks to the support of my friends in The Heatons WI, I have produced a series of stories about an ordinary woman from Stockport who finds a strange adventure which begins at her local town hall. They are intended to be fun and enjoyable as Sharon stumbles her way through a variety of situations, meeting a collection of colourful characters.

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