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Call Centre Carnage Chapter 5

Posted by Suze Appleton on Sunday, June 9, 2013, In : Serial novel 
I'm not sure about this chapter so would be interested to hear some comments. I've a feeling it will get cut from the final novel.


X rated

After the break they split up into different rooms. Jessie took the girls group upstairs to the video training department where she managed to get them the recording equipment they needed to make the film. Jo busied herself with the second group, determined to knock them into some kind of shape. As they left the room Matt overheard her offering h...

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Call Centre Carnage Chapter 4

Posted by Suze Appleton on Sunday, June 2, 2013, In : Serial novel 


The lunch passed in a blur of mad ideas, getting madder with every drink, but back in the training room they managed to agree that their video would be set in a lounge, that Pat would write a five minute screenplay over the weekend, ready to rehearse on Monday and the roles they would each play. They left work knowing which was their individual task, to gather props, source equipment  or arrange fundraising. During his weekend Matt, as director, worked out how to shoot ...

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Short fiction #1

Posted by Suze Appleton on Saturday, May 11, 2013, In : Short fiction 
Goat testicles - A story inspired by the news that Henry VIII ate goat testicles for virility.

They all looked down at the baby.
'Well, I never expected that,' said the midwife.
'I don't think that was quite the effect he wanted,' agreed the lady in waiting.
'And who's going to be the one to tell him? Not me,' chipped in the physician, cleaning his hands of the blood.
The baby lay on its back in the cradle, its features obscured by the large, well, snout on his face. There was no other word for it...

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Welcome to my page of stories. It will be a mix of short stories and serial chapters of a novel that I am currently editing, a process that isn't going as fast as I want. My intention is to post at least one piece of work per week and your feedback is more than welcome, either here, on Twitter or on facebook. In the case of the serial it may even change the course of the story...

Hope you enjoy.

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