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Call Centre Carnage Chapter 3

Posted by Suze Appleton on Sunday, May 26, 2013, In : Serial novel 

The plot thickens

They continued to discuss the possible sponsors and Don volunteered that as wine was the obvious one he would approach all the wine shops in his area to try to get donations, hoping they would offer him samples to test. Krystal argued it was more obvious to get dairy farmers to sponsor it because it looked like a misshapen cow. Before they could come to blows, the door opened and Jo walked back into the room with Marilyn.
'Okay guys! Can I have your attention plea...

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Welcome to my page of stories. It will be a mix of short stories and serial chapters of a novel that I am currently editing, a process that isn't going as fast as I want. My intention is to post at least one piece of work per week and your feedback is more than welcome, either here, on Twitter or on facebook. In the case of the serial it may even change the course of the story...

Hope you enjoy.

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