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What a busy July!

Posted by Suze Appleton on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 Under: Elizabeth Raffald

Well, it's been quite a while since I updated this blog, it's not that there's been nothing happening, quite the opposite.

After my talk for the Heatons Arts Trail I was asked to provide details of Elizabeth for a display in the Heritage Library and in July I went with my good friend Olga who was loaning them some of her books for their display, to meet with Sophie who was arranging it. In August I got a call from Olga to say the display was up so there with Connie we arranged to go and view it. I also informed Andrew Simcock, the Manchester councillor who is championing the cause of a female statue for Manchester. I also contacted the Arden Arms and although no one could make the meeting at the library they did agree that Elizabeth should be commemorated in Stockport and they would be happy for a blue plaque to be put on their pub wall. That's my next project, I think!


July also saw me giving my talk about Elizabeth to my own WI group and I got so many positive responses about the talk and amazement at her lack of fame that it reinforced my conviction that she does deserve to be better remembered.  It gave me a fresh impetus to work on my next book about Elizabeth. First I am transcribing her cookbook do that a readable version is available to all, then I will complete a more in depth factual book about her.

I'll have to stop for another coffee and bring you up to date later with more interesting news for August and September

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