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Phew! Sequel very nearly ready!

Posted by Susan Appleton on Monday, January 9, 2012
Here's a sample of the sequel to Oh Sh**!

Toilet brush in hand, Sharon paused at the door and held her breath.  She could hear noises coming from the bedroom, rhythmic, banging noises. She sighed and moved onto the next bedroom....

Jane Moffatt, the new tenant of Julie's house had been a shock to her system when she had first arrived.  Although Sharon was thankful that she was here at all, in a house that she loved, often it was a struggle not to tell Jane what she could do with her toilet brush...

She was in the bathroom vigorously brushing the toilet pan when she heard ominous footsteps on the stairs.  Expecting it to be Jane looking for her she didn't even look round.
'I know I'm late but this room was such a pigsty, and they were having a bit of fun, if you know what I mean, so I couldn't get in till now...'
She tailed off as a pair of boots came into view at the side of the toilet pan.  She looked up to see the owner of the boots grinning all over his face.

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