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New book coming soon!

Posted by Suze Appleton on Sunday, March 23, 2014 Under: progress reports

OMG! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I updated my website! I’ve been so busy working on my next couple of novels that I’ve just gone to ground. One book is due out imminently, in fact, I should be working on that rather than this but ‘that’ means editing, and ‘this’ is a chat with a friend so it’s no contest really, is it?

So, have you missed me? It seems like ages since I put anything out but I suppose that’s ‘cos I’ve been working on two novels at once. And I have another one that is bubbling away at the back that I have to keep shutting down because I know once I start on it that I won’t be able to stop. It’s a historical one and will need a lot of research, altho’ I’m looking forward to getting into the revamped Manchester Central Library to work on it.

I went in yesterday on it’s first day of reopening and it feels great, brilliant, lovely, so 21st century, more accessible, more touchy feely, more inviting. You must go if you can, it’s a jewel in the centre of Manchester. I’ve always been proud of my city but it really feels like it’s polishing itself up. The Northern Quarter is thriving, Media City is livening things up and the tram means that connecting is so easy. All we need now is a decent river flowing through the centre, with tree lined walks and seats and cafes and it would be unbeatable. Where is our river, city planners? Built over? Ignored and abused? For shame. London has theThames, Paris has the Seine, Rome has the Tiber and New York has so many waterways that it’s a good way of getting round the city. It’s what lifts a city to greater heights.

Oh dear, enough ranting, back to my books. Watch this space, my next one will be out before the end of April, maybe, if I knuckle down to it, even before the end of March. It’s perfect to take on a Spring weekend away, or a picnic in the park. A wry, humorous look at the trials of working in a call centre, with a flight of fancy and a dark undertone, I promise no sheep were hurt in the making of this story and any resemblance to Vikings living or dead is completely accidental.

Back to it now,

be in touch soon

Suze x

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