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Posted by Suze Appleton on Sunday, June 28, 2015 Under: Elizabeth Raffald

What a busy month June has been! I've had lots going on with my WI and the last weekend saw me giving a talk about Elizabeth Raffald at my local library as part of The Heatons Arts Trail. It was great to have the chance to spread her fame around Stockport, an important location in her story. Not only is it where her body still lies, or where her husband's family came from, it's also the home of her direct descendant and of a lady whose husband gathered a treasure trove of knowledge about her. And of course I live here too.

It was telling that when I turned up at the library they apologised for not having a display about Elizabeth but I quickly explained that they would struggle to find anything in print about her which was the reason behind my crusade to revive her fame. Any books I had found were held in special collections in Manchester, site of her success. Hopefully Stockport will embrace her story now and my book at least should soon be in the library system, soon to be followed by a couple more volumes about her. My intention was to simply write a historical fiction of her life, bringing her character more fully to life but now I realise there is scope to add a factual book, giving the setting of her endeavours, emphasising just what an uphill struggle it must have been for her.

Without a screen to show the PowerPoint I struggled to give a full sense of her story but I gave an overall impression of her and my attendees took a copy of my book to read, the best way to absorb the amazing list of her achievements. At first hearing they sound unbelievable, and they certainly  aren't easy to remember, there are so many of them and I'm uncovering more all the time. The latest concerns a concoction called a Solomon's Temple, an amazing construction in a blancmange type stuff called flummery, something she could turn to many amazing presentations. I wonder if those recipes would translate to the modern version of her cookbook that I'm hoping to produce. Time to get to work.

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