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Posted by Suze Appleton on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 Under: progress reports
Poor Elizabeth Raffald has been temporarily pushed aside as a new interest took my attention. Not forgotten but saved for a time when I can do more background research into the kitchens and lifestyle of Manchester in the latter 18th century. I have started her story and I have a fully formed talk about her which I will be taking to local groups. I am not rushing this project, I want to do her justice.

Another NaNoWriMo rolled around and I needed some inspiration for a novel to fabricate under time pressure. My grandson asked me to write a story that he would like to read and as he is into all the adventure computer games, one of them inspired me to write a sci fi story about two warring planets. Every time I stayed with him while his mum went to work he was delighted that I kept asking him to show me another game so that I could get ideas to write. One scene in particular was inspired by what I could see on his screen. I still have a final battle scene to write for which I want to watch a few more games. It's a good job he doesn't mind.

I also still have a whodunnit from last year to finalise and I have promised friends that I will write a story set in the Caribean. Some days I can't decide which one to start. So Elizabeth is waiting in the wings until the research is complete but I am determined I will tell the story of Manchester's original celebrity chef.

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