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2016 update

Posted by Suze Appleton on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 Under: Elizabeth Raffald
Things are moving on. I am still giving talks on Elizabeth Raffald, bringing her name to the notice of as many people as I can. This week I have delivered copies of my short booklet about her to several retail outlets. First Arley Hall have a stock of both the booklet and the cookbook on sale in their gift shop, just as they reopen their catering section, renamed as The Gardener's Kitchen with a menu to honour the memory of Elizabeth and John.
And now Stockport has the booklet on sale in two locations on the historic marketplace. The Tourist Information office and the Heritage Centre in St Mary's church both now have the booklet on sale.
Also in Stockport, I am still pursuing a plaque to the memory of Elizabeth, buried in the churchyard of St Mary's. The Arden Arms is the only building in the area that has any connection to her apart from the church. None of the Manchester locations where she worked have survived and so the Arden Arms is the only building with a link to her. Only a listed building consent application to go now and then some fundraising. Fingers crossed.

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